Turn a messy garage into a useful and welcoming workspace, giving you an orderly space for cars and outdoor equipment.

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Custom Garage Storage Solutions

The garage is the largest storage area in the home, and most people like to use it to keep their sporting equipment, garden supplies, tools, and much more organized. In some cases, the garage storage situation becomes chaotic enough that it’s impossible to park a car inside of the garage, which is where a custom garage organization company can come in.

At Birdie Brennan Custom Closets & Organizing, we create beautiful custom garage storage solutions that will allow you to not only store all of your needed items in the garage, but also park the car with ease. With a variety of organizers, we can help you achieve the organized garage makeover you’ve only dreamed about.

Our Custom Garage Interior Solutions

If your garage organization is challenging, you are not alone. The garage is an empty space, and it can be difficult to find the correct organizers for your specific belongings. We have over 15 years’ experience helping people just like you take control of their clutter through custom garage storage solutions. We can create a garage makeover that will keep everything neat, tidy, and easy to find. No matter what you are storing, we can find a solution. Some of the ways that we can improve your space with custom garage organization include:

Garage Cabinets

Our cabinets are coated with melamine, making them as easy to maintain as they are attractive. We mount them to the studs on the wall to make them more stable and for easier cleaning underneath.

Wall Panels

We offer slatwall wall panels, which are excellent for customizing some of the narrower walls in your garage. From these, you can place hooks for just about anything: paper towels, tools, recycling bins, sporting equipment – the possibilities are endless. The hooks are adjustable, too, so you can reconfigure them as your needs change.

Custom Garage Shelving And Overhead Racks

We can help you achieve custom garage organization with a variety of shelves and storage racks. Store items within easy reach and keep your holiday or seasonal decorations overhead where they will be out of the way. 

Garage Workbenches

If you ever want to work on projects in your garage, a garage workbench offers the place to do just that. You can store tools in the drawers, too, for more garage storage options.

Custom Closets, Garage Makeovers, and More

We install custom closets of all types, including large master bedroom walk-in closets and small reach-in closets, like the ones you likely have in your bathroom or hallway. Check out some of our options for door stylesfinishes, and in-home accessories.
In the garage, we will put in garage cabinets, wall panels for tool storage, overhead storage racks, and more. You can get a good look at all we can do for your garage by taking a look at our pages for garage cabinetsgarage organizers, and garage accessories.
Whether or not you work from home, you can likely benefit from a custom home office, and most people would love to upgrade the shelving and organizers in the kitchen pantry and the laundry room. We can create a custom, built-in closet or storage solution for any area you would like to improve. Choose our Columbus closet company for all your organization needs!