What Goes Into Our Closet & Cabinet Design Process?

At Birdie Brennan Custom Closets & Organizing, we are known for creating customized home organization designs for each client. How do we do that? Over the years, we have developed a closet design process that works. There are no surprises; you will know what your design will look like, and you’ll have a lot of input in terms of what types of products you get in your custom closet design. From start to finish, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ve created our design process with that in mind.

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"We delight in demonstrating how to improve your storage potential and increase your home value." - Birdie Brennan

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The Steps Of Our Home Organization Design Process

After you call us and we talk about what type of home organization system you are looking for, we will set up an in-home appointment for you to meet your closet designer. He or she will measure your space and look at what is going into your new closet. In addition, we’ll determine what your needs and desires are. If you aren’t sure, don’t worry: we have plenty of images and a catalog to help you think about what you want. Once we understand your needs, our design consultant will get to work on developing your design.
Most of the time, we will email the design so you can take your time and look at it in the privacy and convenience of your home. It will include 3D illustrations and pricing; you will be sure of what you are getting and how much it will cost. Your closet designer will call to follow up and to make sure you’ve received your design; at this time, we can also answer your questions and make any necessary changes. There’s no pressure; if you need more time to think about it, that’s fine!
Once you approve your project and make your deposit, we will order the materials. We will schedule your installation once the materials have been received. This gives you time to remove personal items from the area. We can prep the space for you. This means we’ll take down any existing components, repair any remaining holes, and paint the repaired areas (you supply the paint). Once your closet is installed, you can put your items away or we can, depending on the services you choose. 

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