Hooks to Consider for Ultimate Home Organization

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As an organizer, I rely heavily on hooks. They save floor space, they bring needed items to eye level, and they look good too. There are so many great hooks out there on the market. Whether you are DIY-ing or having professional installations done to improve storage, remember the humble hook! Here are a few of our favorite hooks!

I just love beautiful hooks. Anthropologie is one of my favorite stops for decorative and unique hooks. Robe hooks such as these are great for hats and bags, coats and robes, wardrobe planning and even for towels. Here is my top pic:

image 40

Sometimes using hooks that are meant for one application, often can pull double duty in other applications. For example this hat hook makes an excellent holder for multiple scarves – and looks fantastic:

image 2

Whether in a kitchen or bathroom or office area, pairing hooks with hang bars is a killer combo. This bucket bar from IKEA is an absolute go-to:

image 37

And for simple, fun and versatile, I just love these oversized clip hooks from The Container Store:

image 38

Sometimes it isn’t just the hook, but it is the area that is overlooked. In bathrooms, where there are many products with chords this hairdryer hook is attractive enough to place directly on the wall or underneath a cabinet. But if you find a cup that fits within, it can hold hair pins and hair ties, or other bathroom fair.

image 39

The truth is, I can go on and on. Hooks make useful space out of blank vertical areas. They are storage ninjas, and we love thinking out of the box about how we can Hook You Up! What is your favorite hook? We would love for you to share your enthusiasm with us for the humble, yet mighty, hook!