5 Small Closet Ideas for Kids

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As parents, we know that keeping our kids’ rooms neat and organized is no simple task, especially when it comes to the closet. So if you’re looking for kids’ clothes storage ideas or kids’ closet ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  

At Birdie Brennan Custom Closets and Organizing, we have the solutions you need to get and stay organized. Continue reading to learn five key small closet ideas for kids from an industry expert.

1. Hang Shelves and Racks Within Reach

When you are looking for kids’ closet storage ideas for small closets, start with shelves, racks, and organizers that can be hung within a child’s reach. Doing so will not only capitalize on all available space but will also teach your child to hang up his or her clothes when it’s time to put them away.

2. Add Cubbies and Storage Containers

For objects that cannot be hung up, try using cubbies or storage bins to keep similar items grouped together while still providing an easily accessible way for your child to get to their clothing. 

Cubbies allow kids to quickly and simply find what they’re looking for without making a mess. In addition, folding clothing in short stacks will prevent kids from pulling apart piles to find what they need.

3. Use Kid-Friendly Labels

One of the simplest kids’ closet ideas for organization is labeling. If you want your child to be able to find everything in his or her closet while still maintaining organization, easy-to-read labels are the way to go. 

From socks to sporting gear to pajamas to maybe even toys, everything can use a labeled section. Labeling can be used to not only help your child find the item, but to also know where to put it back. Once everything has a specific place to be kept, let the labeling begin.

4. Store Lesser Used Items Out of Reach

To keep order in your child’s closet and ensure everything is as neat as possible, arrange items so that the commonly used ones are accessible, and the items used less frequently are out of the way. For example, seasonal clothing or shoes can be stored on higher shelves so that only the items your child typically wears or uses is in reach. 

5. Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

When working with a small closet space, clutter can be a major issue. It’s easy to let old items build up before realizing its time to empty out everything and determine what you actually need versus what is no longer essential. 

Kids outgrow clothes, shoes, and even toys as they get older, and, in some cases, items are simply not wanted or needed anymore. When this happens, it’s important to get rid of the items that can no longer be used and donate the ones that have been outgrown to free up some much-needed closet space. 

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