5 Master Closet Ideas You Can Start Implementing Right Now

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Feeling motivated to organize your closet? Need some help on where to start? With these master closet design ideas, you can easily start getting to work right away. Take a look at some of our recommendations!

1. Add Shelves for Your Shoes

One of the messiest things in a closet can be a pile of shoes in the corner. When you go into your closet looking for the right pair, your favorite ones could be overlooked. Why miss out on the opportunity to wear your coolest kicks? By adding shelves in your closet, each pair of shoes gets to be on display. This master closet design will help make that tough decision a little easier.

2. Bring in the Drawers

Not everything in your closet needs to be hung. By installing drawers in your master closet, you’ll get a reduction in clutter and will make your clothes easier to view.

When you hang too many things, moving the hangers becomes impossible because your space is jam-packed. With drawers for clothes installed, though, more room is provided to help you and your clothes breathe.

3. Add Nice Lighting

Don’t you hate it when it’s too dark to see what you’re putting on? Lighten up your master closet with a cool chandelier or lamp. The additional light will help you decide on the right outfit and accessories you want to wear out. Why squint? This master closet idea is one to use!

4. Hang a Mirror

Now that you’re dressed and ready, you need to see how you look. Hang a full-sized mirror in your closet to check yourself out. Adding a mirror to your master closet design will help ensure that you’re looking your best.

5. Make Room for Laundry

The key to staying organized is making sure nothing is laying on the ground. If you change out of clothes from a long day, why leave them on the ground to smell and clutter your space? Making room to keep that laundry basket is essential for your master closet to remain clean and fresh.

Need Help to Implement These Master Closet Designs?

Now that you have these master closet ideas, Birdie Brennan Custom Closets & Organizing can help you achieve your home makeover goals. We can craft custom closet organization systems to keep everything in line. With a specialization in custom closet designs, our team can provide effective solutions for any room.

Our master closet services include:

  • Space for Clothes – We offer a variety of hanging rods, hutches, shelves, and drawers to store everything and keep your closet clutter-free.
  • Space for Accessories – Our installation of shelves, jewelry trays, and shoe racks will keep your scarves, belts, shoes, and jewelry out on display, making them easy to choose from.
  • Unique Solutions – We work with you to provide answers for your specific challenges. With our unique design process, we can give room for a valet bar, laundry folding, or even charging for your laptop.

Check Out Some of Our Successes!

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– Sherrie, ADHD client

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