Corporate Organizing

Columbus Corporate Organizing: Increase your Company’s production and make the most of your space

Can’t see your in-box due to the overflowing papers?  The average executive loses six weeks per year searching for misplaced documents. Let us help you not be average! We can help! Call Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers today!

Who should call?

  • Companies that are striving to increase production
  • Companies that need to streamline processes
  • Companies that want to make the most of their space
  • Employees and Companies that want to project a more professional image

We work with you to create systems to organize and maintain every area of your business

  • Paper Management
  • Desktop Order
  • Filing Systems
  • Record Keeping Systems
  • Retention Plans

You save money by knowing what you have and where it is in your

  • Storage Areas
  • Copy Centers
  • Break Rooms

Our  clients realize a more productive workplace due to:

  • Efficient Workflow
  • Efficient Time Management Skills
  • A More Professional Image
  • Increased Productivity
  • Less Stress

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