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Organized Holidays

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As we are approaching the season of holidays and the weather is still relatively warm, it is easy to think we have more time than we actually do between now and the end of the year.
It is a great time to look at the calendar and consider all the cherished and necessary activities we would like to do to get the most out of the holidays. Are you hosting a holiday party? Traveling out of town? Baking holiday cookies? Volunteering at a local food pantry? Plotting these activities on a calendar now will provide a realistic overview of your holiday timeline, so that you can accomplish your seasonal goals in a paced and enjoyable way. This type of planning is key to managing tasks and devoting your time to the people and traditions who help make the season meaningful.
Here are 8 holiday hacks—from now until the end of the year to help keep your holiday household fluid and festive:
1. Stage your holidays. Find and sort through your holiday décor. Set aside the items that you want to use in one convenient place so they are available when ready to use or display. Donate any unwanted items.
2. Plan your giving. Set your budget, make your holiday list, plan a shopping/donation schedule.
3. Stock your pantry. If cooking and/or baking is a big part of your holidays, have the recipes needed handy. Look through your pantry; do you have what you need?
4. Retire any tired traditions. Which activities bring you and your family the most joy? Give those your full attention…and retire the rest! It may even require saying “no” to conflicting activities.
5. Update your list of contacts. Do you send gifts or holiday cards in the mail or via email? Review and update addresses in your favorite contact portfolio.
6. Book your travel. Whether you are ringing in the New Year in the big city, going to Grandma’s, or heading back home, the time is now to reserve flights, hotels, and rental cars! Don’t forget to review your perks programs to see how many points you can take advantage of this year.
7. Be ready for the weather. This may include preparing our vehicles for cold-weather care, packing some supplies in our travel vehicle, and reviewing coats/gloves/hats for condition. In addition, we may fireplaces and furnaces that require maintenance.
8. Find an app or paperless note taking program on your favorite device where you can keep your holiday lists. Be sure to purge these when the season is over.
Enjoying the holidays really is about being available to enjoy the everyday moments with cherished family and friends. The small things you do today will help you stay mindful and in the moment when it really matters. Enjoy your organized holidays; happy planning!

Organizing Your Way to a Stress Free Life

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Watch as Birdie Brennan of Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers shares some of her secrets with WBNS-10TV News on how organizing can reduce the stress of everyday life.

Watch Channel 10 News tomorrow @ 6:15am to catch Birdie Brennan Pro. Organizers!

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Spring also means Spring Cleaning!  Are you feeling the stress that comes along with the nice weather? Be sure to tune into Channel 10 news at 6:15am tomorrow morning to catch Birdie Brennan of Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers helping you dial back the stress just by getting organized!

Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers works her magic on the 2015 Decorators’ Show House!

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Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers has the 2015 Decorators’ Show House all wrapped up. The show is open now through May 10th and benefits The Columbus Museum of Art. Check out how Birdie transformed a regular linen closet into a girt wrapping paradise! For more information on the home and/or designers or details about purchasing tickets Click Here.

Custom Wrapping Closet

Custom Wrapping Closet

Wrapping Center

Wrapping Center



Check out These Life Hacks with Professional Organizer Birdie Brennan

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Watch Birdie Brennan of Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers talk with NBC 4 Columbus’ Mikaela Hunt about some of her favorite organizing products! Some are new and some are old stand by’s with a new twist!

New Year, New Twists on Great Organizing Products

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It is January and we all tend to reflect on the past year and then more importantly our New Year’s goals.  Simplifying and getting organized usually tops the list!

First, how do you know where to start? Start small! Break down projects or areas to small doable tasks.  Write those tasks down in your schedule. It’s always good to start in an area that will make a big difference; an area that bugs you or an area that you use every day.

Here are a few simple steps to help make that first organizing session a success.

If you don’t love it or use it, it’s clutter!

Toss the trash and group the donates together and clear everything that doesn’t belong.

Give what’s left a home close to where you use it and the more you use it, the more convenient it has to be.  Give it a great container that has a little room to grow.

Here are a few great containers or organizing products that I love to use.  (The first few are favorites with a new twist!)

All Access Organizers- When I go into client’s home and see a stack of bins, I usually see a pile around the stack. Let’s face it, it is hard to put something away in the bottom bin and when it’s hard you don’t do it. Hence, the start of a pile. Not anymore with All Access Organizers, you can easily open a front panel and no more piles!

Bento Bins- These are decorative bins that you can use anywhere in your home. The twist is the built-in dividers that flip out from the corners when you need them. Brilliant!

I love Over the Door Shoe Holders in every room! They hold gloves, hats, toiletries, office supplies, Barbie’s and shoes! The twist is bigger pockets. Using the usually wasted space on the back of the door to hold those larger items is a great way to gain space.

Another win is a behind the door jewelry organizer. Who doesn’t need a full length mirror and what women doesn’t need to check the finishing touches like your jewelry? Now you can combine both; a mirror that opens to store a ton of jewelry. I love the double duty!

Another fashion statement (and necessity) we have this season is boots. There are boot shapers to take care them but they can be hard on the budget. I love this cheap and easy idea. Use the summer swim noodles and a serrated knife. Cut the noodles to the desired length, insert them in your boots and you have a cheap and easy way of take care of the boots that you depend on to take care of your feet.

Being organized is all about being able to find what you need when you need it. That is made easy with FileThis. This tech solution fetches your statements and puts them where you want them on your computer. I know it’s January but April 15th will be here before we know it. With FileThis, there is no more hunting for statements. They are all in one place and organized!

Here’s wishing you’re a happy, healthy and organized 2015!

Watch for Birdie Brennan Pro Organizers on NBC4 Columbus Tomorrow!

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Watch for Birdie Brennan Professional Organizers on NBC4 Columbus tomorrow morning.  She will be discussing all of her favorite organizing products with Mikaela Hunt and new inventive ways to use them!  You don’t want to miss it, so make sure to set your DVR’s or tune in to NBC4 Columbus tomorrow morning at 5am!

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

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National Clean off your Desk Day is always the second Monday of January.  Hopefully you marked your calendars last year and were prepared! Make stacks, put like items together and clean off your desk! Remember to recycle what you can, shred what you need to and make simple files for what is left.  Less paper and less clutter means less stress!

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is Coming up!

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It’s time to organize your medicine cabinet with National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, Saturday September 27, 2014 from 10AM-2PM

The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.

Click Here for more information or to find a collection site near you!

September 6 is National Fight Procrastination Day!

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This Saturday, September 6th is National Fight Procrastination Day.  So that means today is the perfect day to take a baby step and do something you’ve been putting off. There are tons of reasons people procrastinate.  Figuring why can help you overcome it but for today use Nike’s motto and just do it.

Comment below and tell me how you’ve fought procrastination!

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