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Spring Organizing- The Car!

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Spring is here and I am so ready to get to spring organizing. Of course, I’m always ready for organizing! First in a series of spring organizing projects is my car!  I’ve spent the winter running to my car and then back not wanting to spend any more time outside than necessary, so my car is in desperate need!

Here are some steps to get your car organized and ready for spring!

First thing to do is to get all of the winter out!  Actually, take everything out and take inventory. I spend a lot of time in my car, as do so many people, and I like to have what I need. Cars can be a challenge because they are small and of course mobile.  The items that we store need to have a “secured” home not just an assigned home.  Decide what you need/want to have with you in your car.  Once you know what you have to store, decide on the right spot.  Look at how often you need it and the storage that your car offers. 

Before you start putting things back, it is a great time to dust and vacuum!

I keep all important papers in the glove box along with a spare pair of sunglasses and an extra car charger.  That’s it, nothing else. 

My console keeps tissues, a quarter dock, pens, a notepad, a small container of Advil, an extra chapstick and a small bottle of hand cream.

I love my little cord keeper! It keeps my car charger in place so when I need it, it’s right at hand!


                       My Little Cord Keeper


My driver side door pocket has two plastic envelopes and napkins. One of the envelopes has coupons that I would need at the stores I shop.  If you are an extreme couponer, you might want an accordion envelope and label the sections. The other has some straws and sweetener packets.

I have two hooks that hang from my headrests.  One holds an umbrella and the other a bag to hold ink cartridges to recycle. 

Headrest Hooks

The rest of my essentials go in a black bag with a big interior and lots of pockets. It goes right next to me in the passenger seat. It holds the current and next book on cd, scissors, tape, a little makeup bag and a container for trash.  I leave one area open to put papers or mail that I gather.  It is perfect because I know that I’m not going to find a bill that has slid under the seat after the due date. The best thing about this bag is the long handles that make it easy to move anywhere else in the car when I have a passenger.

One quick tip to keep your car clean and feeling good is to empty the trash every time you get gas.  After I gather the trash from my car, I take a napkin (out of the napkin “home”) and run it over the dash.  Add it to the trash and put it in the bin at the gas station.

It is good exercise to think of the items that have collected in your car through the day as “gallons of milk”. They must come out of your car and into the house before they “spoil”!

A great little addition to your car is a dryer sheet under one of the seats to add that spring fresh smell or one of the many good scents you can purchase for your car.

Next stop, car wash!