About Us

We have been simplifying people’s lives since 1998.

It is our goal to provide ideas, solutions & systems that:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce stress
  • give you more control over time and space

Birdie grew up organized.  In fact, her story is similar to other organized people; well, maybe it’s a little over the top.  She took great joy in sorting her Barbie’s clothes and then finding the right container for each color.

Her “labeling” is infamous.  Friends and family like to poke fun at the many labels.  They also think it is fun to “un- alphabetize” her spices.  Birdie takes it in stride because she knows that if everything has a home it is a snap to put things back in order!

She worked in the medical field for nearly twenty years and what she most enjoyed was organizing every part of the office, as well as creating an efficient work flow.  That is when she realized she loved helping others become organized.

In 1997, her organizing skills took her out of the doctor’s office and into a consulting business that offered turn-key practices and organizing solutions for those in the medical field.

In 2000, she realized there was more to organize! She attended her first National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) conference and knew she was on the correct course.  So, she started Brennan Professional Organizers to provide organization services and products for every area of the home and office.

She has since trained a very talented team who share her passion and dedication.

We are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses reach their full potential.

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